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Kamus Umum Bahasa Indonesia

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Problem in the package is a part of human life. There is a term if it does not want to have problems with a member then join the Black Cross. He he ... yes that during the life of the problem will remain our guests, so get ready to welcome him. But if there are students who come to us with a problem, what should we think? Here are some suggestions that may well be considered:

1. counseling rooms are comfortable, far from interrupting and personal

2. Welcomes counselee with a warm welcome

3. Note all information provided, including facial expression and gesture counselee

4. Listen and hear and hear again what the problem is

5. Relationships need to be built to make believe counselee

6. Do not give instant advice

7. Counselee often able to find the way out we only assist.

Sitting position counselor and counselee

L: position counselee counselor facing the opposite type of

I: The position I or dealing if the counselee same-sex